Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some answers to a few questions you may have.

We have a couple standard sizes that we print on. They are 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17, 12x18, and 13x19.
A bleed is important if you are wanting to print a large quantity of something like flyers, business cards, or invitations. Bleed is a printing term that is used to describe a document which has images or elements that touch the edge of the page, extending beyond the trim edge and leaving no white margin. When a document has bleed, it must be printed on a larger sheet of paper and then trimed down. Bleeds are generally 1/8 of an inch from where the cut is to be made.

Below you can watch a video that describes how to make a bleed when setting up a document in InDesign.

When printing, you are able to get price breaks depending on what you are printing and the quantities of prints. Feel free to give us a call to learn more about our price breaks.
We can print double sided in color or black and white on all of our standard stocks.
You can. However the paper can't be too thick or have any type of glitter or glued materials on it. If your paper does jam in the printer we won't be able to replace it for you.
We have many bindery services to offer. Here are a few: folding, perferating, lamination, cutting, hole drilling, padding, foam core mounting, scoring, and much more.
We have both the standard soft lamination as well as a hard lamination. The hard lamination is charged by the pouch, and the soft lamination is charged by the running inch.
We have a stack cutter as well as a hand trimmer. We can use the stack cutter to cut out large quantities of prints at a time. The hand trimmer is open for customer use and is used for trimming out single pages at a time.
Padding is where we glue a stack of pages together. Some examples of this would be note pads and carbon paper.
Large format printing is basically anything too large to print on our digital printers. Usually they are things like signs, posters, and banners. Often times it can also be things like artwork or photographs.
We have a large variety of materials. We have matte paper as well as glossy paper. We can also print on vinyls, metals, plastics, and glass. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information on the materials we can print on..
The pricing depends on two things for large format printers, size and material. We charge by the square foot for large format prints. If you would like to get a quote for printing, then feel free to send us an email or give us a call.
Here are a few of the more standard sizes: 18x24, 24x36, 36x48, and 36x96. (sizes are in inches)
We can make up about anything you need whether it be a business card, brochure, invite, or logo. Also if you are interested in vehicle wraps or cut vinyl we can do that too! Don't hesitate to contact us and find out what we can do for you.
I will need to put some stuff in here.
Design is priced out by the hour. Contact us if you would like an estimate for how long your project might take.
We offer screen printing, embroidery, thermal imprints, and more for your apparel decorating needs. We can print T-shirts, hoodies, you name it. We can do uniforms for sports teams. There are a variety of ways we can apply prints to fabrics depending on your budget and quantity. If you would like an estimate then please give us a call.
We ship USPS, UPS, FedEX, and FedEx Express. We can also do monthly mailers.
With our vast variety of promotional products the sky is the limit! If your company would like some merchandise to hand out to your customers, or you just want something for your employees then feel free to send us an email with what you're looking for and we can make you an estimate.